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Tufts Financial Group 

Giving students a competitive edge through real investment experience.

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Mission Statement

Tufts Financial Group

Since its founding in 2005, the Tufts Financial Group (TFG) has established itself as a resource for Tufts students—at all levels of experience—with an interest in finance. TFG is the largest business club on campus with over 100 members and is the only group that offers students pre-professional guidance and real investing experience.

Whether you have been interested in finance for years or are just beginning to explore the different career paths that the industry offers, TFG is a great organization in which to cultivate your skills, find a mentor, prepare for interviews, and more.

TFG is comprised of four groups. The Career Development Course serves as an introductory course for first-years and sophomores. Topics include the fundamentals of accounting, interviewing skills, and networking. The Tufts Investment Banking Club (TIBC) provides students with resources to learn the fundamentals of modeling, valuation, and interviewing to recruit for jobs in IB. The Alpha Fund is  an entirely undergraduate student-run investment portfolio established in 2007. The portfolio, which is managed by ~20 students, has grown to over $300,000 in AUM. Finally, The Tufts Trading Club (TTC) focuses on S&T recruiting while also incorporating subjects like game theory and options pricing. 

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Club Structure

TFG consists of four groups: Career Development Course (CDC), Tufts Investment Banking Club (TIBC), Tufts Trading Club (TTC), and Alpha Fund.  Learn more about each below.

Career Development Course

The Career Development Course (CDC), led by George Natsis and Bart Codd, teaches students the basics of financial statements, networking, the process of landing internships and jobs, resume building, and interview techniques. CDC meets weekly on Tuesdays in Cabot 206.

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Tufts Investment Banking Club

The Tufts Investment Banking Club (TIBC) was established for students looking to break into Investment Banking. The club teaches the fundamentals of modeling and prepares members for interviews. This division of TFG is application based.

Tufts Trading Club

The Tufts Trading Club (TTC) aims to place motivated students into trading roles on both the buy side and sell side. The club is led by upperclassmen with relevant internship experience, and teaches subjects commonly tested in trading job interviews such as mental math, game theory, and pitching trades.

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Alpha Fund

The Tufts Alpha Fund is a student-run long-only global equity portfolio with over $300,000 in discretionary assets. The fund is managed by approximately 20 Analysts. Since its inception in 2007, the fund has provided students with training, mentorship and hands-on experience in developing high quality independent investment research. This division of TFG is application based.


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