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Tufts Trading Club (TTC) is dedicated to guiding students into trading careers, focusing on roles in both Sales & Trading and quantitative trading. We emphasize practical training for the recruitment process, providing a competitive edge for S&T roles with quantitative technicals and helping more quantitative-oriented students build market awareness. Our goal is to cultivate a network of professional traders at Tufts.

TTC operates in two segments. The first focuses on acquainting students with various professionally traded asset classes, alongside foundational knowledge in probability theories and product pricing, to help identify their inclination towards S&T or quantitative trading and grasp the basics of a trading career. The second segment prepares students for the recruitment process, covering networking strategies, resume refinement, and both behavioral and technical interviews. We also features experienced alumni guest speakers to share insights and advice.

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Max Shellist

Max Shellist '24

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Irene Zhang

Irene Zhang '26

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