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Career Development Course

Career Development Course


The Career Development Course (CDC), led by George Natsis and Bart Codd, serves as the introductory course for students looking to join TFG. The Course prepares students for different careers in finance and teaches content such as different roles in financial services, how to write a resume/CV, and strategies for landing a summer internship. During the Course, students are paired with an upperclassman mentor to get mentorship and advice for navigating the recruiting process and deciding which career within finance to pursue.

Speaker Series

CDC frequently hosts speaker events featuring distinguished industry alumni. These events are geared towards all TFG members and especially those looking for learn more about a specific sector, hear about a speaker's journey at Tufts and into the workforce, or understand current events on a deeper level. 

Upcoming speaker series can be found on our Instagram.

Interested in Joining the Career Development Course?

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